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Further, new parents, and many people in general, do not purchase life insurance because they overestimate the price of coverage. Three in 10 Americans expecting a child or planning to have one within the next three years think life insurance is one of the biggest costs of raising a baby during its first year of life, according to a Harris poll commissioned by NerdWallet. But a related analysis shows this isnt the case: Healthy parents can buy generous coverage for just a little more than the cost of a years worth of diapers. Parent cost expectations vs. reality In the poll, people expecting a baby or planning to have one within the next three years were asked to identify the biggest expenses in babys first year. Thirty percent guessed that life insurance would be one of the biggest expenses, 37% cited child care and 50% included diapering items. However, two healthy 30-year-olds could each purchase a $1 million, 20-year term life insurance policy for a combined annual premium of $762, according to the NerdWallet analysis of a babys first-year costs. A years worth of diapers and wipes cost slightly less, at $743, but child care was the most expensive category, estimated at more than $8,000. This misconception about the price of life insurance isnt surprising to Feldman. Sixty-four percent of respondents to his organizations 2016 Insurance Barometer study said they hadnt bought life insurance because of presumed costs. But when asked to estimate the price of a policy, the median guess was more than twice the actual expense. Here are the facts on life insurance: You dont have to spend a fortune. To save on the policy quoted above, choose a $500,000 payout. It would still likely be enough to cover many of the costs of raising a child for several years and college tuition. Term life insurance gets more expensive as you age and develop health conditions. The younger and healthier you are, the less youll spend on life insurance. And your rate wont increase during the length of most term policies, so buying when youre younger locks in the low rate. Life insurance is an optional purchase, to be sure. But assuming you wont need it could be a mistake.

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