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Burns Demeyere & Associates to join McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers in 2017 November 29, 2016   by Canadian Underwriter Burns Demeyere & Associates (BDA), a Tillsonburg, Ont.-based brokerage with a history dating back about 125 years, will join McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers at the beginning of 2017. McFarlan Rowlands – which also has established roots in its community and has operated for more than 100 years – reported Monday that move means the London-based brokerage will welcome 13 new employees to its team in Tillsonburg. The two insurance brokerages plan to operate under the McFarlan Rowlands brand, providing insurance offerings in both the p&c and life portfolios, notes a statement from McFarlan Rowlands. BDA provides personal, commercial and farm insurance, as well as financial services; McFarlan Rowlands offers personal, commercial, life and investments services. “The values, skills and knowledge of the BDA insurance team, as well as their strong presence in the Tillsonburg community, will play an integral role at McFarlan Rowlands,” the statement continues. BDA’s managing partner Peter Burns will serve as an advisor and consultant to McFarlan Rowlands’ operations; Marg Aspden, partner of operations, will take on the task of Tillsonburg branch manager as of Mar. 1, 2017; and Andrew Burns, partner of business development, will become a new shareholder in McFarlan Rowlands. Rodney Hancock will continue as CEO of McFarlan Rowlands. The BDA insurance team is “an ambitious, educated team of brokers who hold strong connections in their community,” Hancock says. “This move increases our presence in Tillsonburg and the surrounding area, strengthens our depth in the current marketplace and reaffirms our company as the premier independently owned brokerage in southwestern Ontario,” he adds. “This merger allows us to remain relevant in the rapidly changing insurance environment.

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