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However, having a poorly created or an outdated plan can be just as harmful as having no plan at all. It can be helpful to sit down with your parents and review these items. If they dont have anestate plan, your inheritance could be redirected to the IRS, and you may face hefty attorney fees to settle their finances. Talk with your parents about how they intend to divide up their assets amongst their loved ones. Meet with an estate attorney to put a plan in place to make things easier on your family in the future. Dividing an inheritance evenly may sound easy, but what if you wanted to sell your parents house but your sibling doesnt want to part ways with it for sentimental reasons? If you are receiving a large inheritance and you cant come to an agreement with your siblings, what happens next? Its possible you could see yourself in court fighting against them. Its important to have these open conversations early on to avoid conflict in the future. Your parents should have an estate plan that is up-to-date and that clearly outlines their legacy intentions. (For related reading, see: Estate Planning: 16 Things to Do Before You Die .) Do They Have Long-Term Care Insurance? Insurance may seem like a bet against yourself, but if your parents are approaching age 65, it can be a bigger gamble to go without long-term care insurance . According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,70% of Americansage 65 or older can expect to need some form of long-term care in their lifetime. Long-term care can be very expensive; it can quickly deplete ones savings. On average, it costs$229 per day,or $6,965 per month, for a private room in a nursing home. For women who require long-term care for an average of3.7 years, that adds up to $306,460. For men, who require long-term care for an average of2.2 years, that adds up to $181,090.

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